What Makes A Good Pickleball Paddle?

So, what makes a good Pickleball paddle? If you’ve been playing Pickleball for some time now, chances are you’re already addicted to it! This game with its fusion of tennis, badminton and ping pong has been trending! Even the most famous family in the US, the Kardashians, play Pickleball! It’s easy to play, has fun rules and is exciting!

Best Outdoor Pickleball Paddles

As a beginner to Pickleball, you may think that this great sport is very easy. All it involves is hitting the Pickleball ball back and forth across the net. A professional Pickleball player will tell you it’s not just about hitting the ball! It’s all about the strategy you use. What is important is the power and control with which you handle the paddle, and the spin skills you develop with that paddle that will bring the game home!

Take a look at the features of a good Pickleball paddle below & then go to our Pickleball paddle reviews where we’ve reviewed the best Pickleball paddles on the market today to help you choose the best one for you.

Features of a Good Pickleball Paddle

A good paddle performs all the functions it’s required for: hitting and spinning the ball! To do this, a good paddle for you must have the following features:

Pickleball Paddle Weight

When it comes to weight, most pickleball paddles weigh between six and 14 ounces with graphite being among the lightest. Your choice of paddle weight can be affected by your physical fitness, whether you have injuries or simply based on comfort. You’ll find that heavier paddles have greater drive, but less control; whereas, light ones have excellent control but not enough drive.Your paddle should be of the right weight for you to prevent any injuries to your wrist and elbow.

Pickleball Paddle Grip Size

When playing, you want to ensure that your pickleball paddle has the right grip size and circumference for you. The grip size must be right for you – either small (4 inches), medium (4.25 inches) or large (4.5 inches) so it fits well into your playing hand! If your paddle is too large, it may slip or cause an elbow injury. If it is too small, you may injure your wrist. We recommend that you try a smaller pickleball paddle grip circumference first and test your comfort and control. You can even buy accessories to wrap a smaller grip to set the circumference perfectly to you and your play

Good Core Material of Construction

The prices of good Pickleball paddles are usually higher. This is why you need to get one with a strong core material which will last a long, long time.

Well Designed Facing Material

Facing material in a Pickleball paddle is the material the swinging face is made of. This material helps determine the spin and trajectory of the ball in a game.

Hitting Area

If you’re new to Pickleball, a wide-body paddle which can help you catch all your shots is ideal. The Sweet Spot of the Pickleball paddle is the best hitting area. Experienced players prefer narrow-body paddles with lower hitting area because this saves on weight and focuses on spin.

Pickleball Paddle Cost

Wood paddles are the most affordable, followed by composite with graphite being the most expensive. If you want that pickleball POP, we recommend you go with a graphite material.