ProLite Groove Pickleball Paddle

Product Name:ProLite Groove Pickleball Paddle
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ProLite Groove Pickleball Paddle

The ProLite Groove Pickleball Paddle. Finally, a Pickleball Paddle Made From the Ground Up Specifically for Women! Introducing the Groove. She’s bright, athletic, adapts to a variety of situations and plays to win. “Women don’t want to feel like we’re swinging a club. A paddle should fit our hand, our stature, our style and our personality. It should be competitive and resilient like the women that play with them – and it should look good with our outfits.”

From the moderately smaller paddle face, to the slightly smaller grip – its reduced weight and increased hitting power – this is the paddle women pickleball players have waited for. It’s the very first pickleball paddle designed in collaboration with women, and made specifically for them. Oh, and did we mention, the beautiful, fun graphics and colorful grips meant to coordinate with the paddle and apparel? Yes, we tried to cover it all while producing an exquisite playing paddle of the highest quality – made from the ground up – specifically for women.

Expert Pickleball Reviews

I’d been playing pickleball 3+ times/week for about 6 months with the ProLite Aero which was a great beginner paddle. As a step up, I next tried a Gamma Ion but I didn’t like the super slippery paddle surface. After researching many paddles, I decided to go with one of Prolite’s newer paddles, the Groove and I love it! The grip size, paddle size and weight are perfect for me and I really appreciate the subtle texture on the paddle for a bit more control and spin. Also, it being made in the USA is a big selling point for me and swayed me from choosing any other paddle not made here.
I needed a bit lighter paddle and this ProLite Groove model fit the bill. Easy to manipulate, isn’t tip heavy, doesn’t put pressure on my forearm muscles.
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