Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Product Name:Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle
Brand:Duck Paddles
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Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle Has The Most Quiet Core You Can Get In A Pickleball Paddle

The Polymer Birdbone Core is the softest, quietest core you can get. Communities with noise restrictions prefer polymer-core paddles. And since the core is so soft, you get more control over shot placement. Polymer cores are known for their power and pop and provide less vibration, less shock.

The Rubber Edge Guard—Extra Mass Means Extra Power

Like a bird bone, the Polymer Birdbone Core is hollowed with air sacs, so it’s light yet strong and balances your paddle. At 7.76 OZ, the Ranger’s extra weight comes from the rubber edge guard that prevents scrapes and dings and protects your paddle from accidental contact with surfaces and gives you more power behind each shot.

Why Use Carbon Fiber AND Graphite? 

The Carbon Fiber Face makes the Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle waterproof and durable enough to stand up the elements for years to come thanks to this advanced aerospace fiberglass. Carbon fiber provides a useful combination of touch, feel, and strength. Carbon fiber increases the life expectancy of your paddle. Graphite is a lighter material and gives you quick action off the surface so the ball spends less time on the paddle, meaning you’re less likely to make a mistake. The Ranger gives you the best of both worlds.

USAPA Approved

The Duck Ranger Graphite Pickleball Paddle has been approved for tournament use by the USAPA.

Expert Pickleball Reviews

I bought this paddle for my wife. I thought she might like a graphite over a composite for a bit more touch and “pop”. We just got back from our first day with the paddle and she was excited. She noticed the extra power and touch immediately. I was a little afraid that the slightly heavier paddle might fatigue her but she didn’t mention it or appear to be working harder as the morning went on. I’m more than pleased. She even promised to let me try it … sometime 🙂


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  • Rick Bennion says:

    We purchased a Duck paddle for our grandson as a Christmas gift. Our first outing was last weekend and the Duck was a disaster. The plastic protective wrap came flying off in chunks, causing Ethan to lament “it’s broken:. Hard to believe a six year old could inflict such damage on a well made product. Much to our chagrin, the warranty had expired as the purchase was made well before Christmas. Let this product fly south alone.

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