TOP ball (The Outdoor Pickleball)

Product Name:TOP Pickleballs
TOP ball (The Outdoor Pickleball)
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TOP Pickleballs (The Outdoor Pickleball)

TOP Pickleballs (The Outdoor Pickleball) by PickleballCentral. 13-count package, orange outdoor pickleball, seamless poly ball, 40 holes, durable. Weight: 25 grams Diameter: 2.9375 inches Bounce: (from 75″ onto concrete floor): 32 inches Holes: 40 Holes Colors: Yellow, Orange, White, Neon Green Manufacturing Technique: Seamless, rotationally molded

  • DURABLE POLY BALL- Rotationally molded for strength, straight flight and predictable even bounce
  • ONE-PIECE – Seamless construction means there are no weak points and even weighting around the ball
  • 40-HOLE OUTDOOR BALL – Patented 40-hole pattern perfect for outdoor play
  • USAPA/IFP APPROVED – Tested and approved for USAPA sanctioned tournament play
  • Compare to Dura Fast 40 outdoor ball

Expert Pickleball Reviews

I bought these because I was told my girlfriend and I had been using “indoor” pickleballs. Little did I know that the people who occupy the nearby courts would say that these outdoor balls were “no good.” The TOP pickleballs seemed fine to us. We still use them. But, they are apparently not good enough for members of the Pickleball Elite who swear by the yellow Onyx brand balls.
I prefer these orange balls over the traditional yellow balls. Personal preference yes, but the balls seem to be easier to follow movement. Plus with so many yellow balls in use, these are quickly recognizable. They seem a bit more durable but will need more play time to determine that.
Never would have thought you could rate a wiffle ball. Wiffle ball is a wiffle ball. But no. These have a certain firmness. Better bounce. A bit more weight? No idea. But whatever. At our tennis club the pickle ball players started asking to use our pickle balls. No idea why. But this is a marked difference. Better game. Faster game.
These racquets are a great deal. I’ve played with more expensive racquets and honestly I like these better. Good control with them. They are exactly as described. Quick shipping. Definitely recommend these.
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